Gremlins (1984) Disquete



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   GREMLINS is a game that is rumored to be soon released by
ATARI, but has not been. This version was originally found in the
EXEC BBS in Milwaukee. As far as I can find out, this is a valid
PD program.

   The GREMLINS scenario is based on the movie. You are alone in
your room. It is late at night. Some of the good gremlins
(Mogwai), are wandering about outside of their box. Also
scattered about the room is a pool of water and some food. In
your hand you are carying a stick.

   Your job is to pick up any food so that the Mogwai do not turn
into the bad gremlins (Ickies). If you see an Icky, you hit him
with a stick and destroy him. If you see a Mogwai, then toy
capture it, carry it over to its box, and deposit it before going
back to the others. You can only capture one Mogwai at a time.

   Guard the box well, for the Ickies will try to break the box,
forcing you to work harder in keeping the Mogwai in their bed.
You can, however cause all gremlins to stop in their tracks for a
few seconds by setting off a bright flash. Be careful with this.
You don't want to do it too much and kill off the Mogwai.

   GREMLINS can be played with either joystick or keyboard. If
you are using a keyboard, the default settings are movement by
using the cursor keys, and hitting by pressing the space bar.
With a joystick, hitting is done with the FIRE button.

   There are several pre-defined commands and keys in this game.
They are:
          F1  - Start the game
          F2  - Help
          F3  - Select the number of players
          F5  - Select level of difficulty
          F7  - Select joystick/keyboard
          F8  - Shift display to the left
          F9  - Shift display to the right
          X   - Joystick calibration
          C   - Keyboard definition
          S   - Sound on/off
          P   - Pause game/resume game
          F   - Flash!

   Any of the above keys can be used at any time during play. If
you initilize GREMLINS, you will get the logo, then exit into the
HELP screen immediately. If you do not exit to the game after a
minute, then the game will immediately go into demo mode.

             ------------- IMPORTANT -----------------

Therefore, I suggest that you follow the following procedure to
install and play the game on a self booting diskette:

           1. Place your GREMLINS diskette in drive B.
           2. Put your DOS diskette in drive A.
           3. Type FORMAT A:/S   <you need the /S to make a BOOTable disk.
           4. When DOS tells you to insert a scratch disk into
              drive A, take out your DOS diskette from drive A
              and put a scratch diskette in drive A.
           5. press <enter>
           6. <respond N when asked to format any more>
           7. COPY B:GREMLINS.* A:
           8. Type COPY CON: AUTOEXEC.BAT
           9. Type GREMLINS
          10. Press Ctrl-Z
          11. Press <enter>
          12. <boot your system>