The Rocketeer (1991) Disquete


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    Energía y combustible infinito.
    Descoprimir en el directorio del juego y ejecutar.

                                                            Dec 13, 1991. =PHOENIX=
                            Info on The Rocketeer cheat.
            This game look good! Nice digitize music, voice and great graphic! I
    have split the cheats into different parts according to the episode.
       Episode #    Episode name        Description
       ---------    ------------   -----------------------
           1           PILOT       If you press / key during the race, it will
                                    reset the opponent's race laps into zero,
                                    effectively make you a winner! However, if the
                                    laps is already > 9, then it will only reset
                                    laps to 10, so try to reset the opponents' laps
                                    before it > 9!  You will lose the race if you
                                    happen to smash into the pole too much!
           2         SHOOTOUT      Auto cheat for unlimited energy + fuel.
           3          CHASE        Auto cheat for unlimited energy.
           4         RESCUE        Auto cheat for unlimited energy.
           5        BANSHEES       Auto cheat for unlimited energy, also if you
                                    press ' key, it will lower opponent's energy
                                    to zero, now you just punch him once for the
    Note: For Episodes 2-5, press / to turn auto cheat ON or OFF. Default is ON
          If game freeze a little when press the key, meaning cheat is OFF mode.
      Also included with this ZIP is ROCKET.EXE (RCKTCHT.EXE), which is a crack .EXE file. Just
    copy it to your game directory and no need to run CRACK.COM from INC anymore.
    Greeting to: USA, INC, THG.
                 Digital Head.
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