Volfied (1991) 2.00



VOLFIED v2.00 Copyright (C) 1991 Empire Software

Loading Instructions

Insert disk in drive and type VOLFIED

Volfied will automatically detect the available graphics adaptor, and will
choose the highest available configuration. However, if Volfied is unable to
detect the configuration correctlty, or a different setup is required then the
following command line options are available :-

    C    CGA - Color Graphics Adaptor    (320x200, 4 colors)
    E*    EGA - Enhanced Graphics Adaptor    (320x200, 16 colors)
    V    VGA - Video Graphics Array    (320x200, 16 colors)
    T    TGA - Tandy Graphics Adaptor    (320x200, 16 colors)

*    The EGA version will only work correctly if there is at least 96 Kbytes
    of video ram installed on the adaptor.

Volfied will try to detect the best available soundboard, if no soundboard is
detected, then the internal speaker will be chosen, the auto-detection can be
overridden with the following command line options :-

    A    Adlib/Soundblaster
    H    Tandy
    S    Internal speaker
    Q    Quiet - No sound output

Installation Guide

Volfied is designed to run automatically off of one 3.5inch or two 5.25inch
floppy disks. To run Volfied off of a hard drive simply create a directory
for Volfied and copy all the files to the hard drive

    COPY A:\*.*

Game Controls

Select number of players    1 or 2
Select difficulty level        1, 2 or 3

Quit the current game        Escape
Quit Volfied            Escape whilst in the intro

Move up                Joystick up/Cursor up
Move down            Joystick down/Cursor down
Move left            Joystick left/Cursor left
Move right            Joystick right/Cursor right

Fire                Joystick button/Space bar

Music/sound effects on        S
Music/sound effects off        Q