[Solucionado] Busco Isos Dreamcast..

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  1. chaz

    chaz protosspowa

    Especialmente el Shenmue, alguien que sea fanatico que tenga una buena page de isos de DC??????

    Muchas Gracias gente


    Aca tienen el link para bajar el emu nullDC
    este todavia es una beta.
    De paso para los que les interesa les dejo la lista de compatibilidad:

    Army Men Sarge's Heroes - Fairly Playable (Didn't display menus)

    Cannon Spike [Echelon Rip] - Not Playable (Not working, White screen)

    Capcom VS. SNK Millenium Fight 2000 [JAP] - 100% Playable (No noticeable glitches)

    Capcom VS. SNK II [JAP]- 100% Playable (No noticeable glitches)

    Capcom vs SNK Fan Disk - 100% Playable (Saves work too!)

    Cosmic Smash - Fairly Playable (But Slow)

    Crazy Taxi 2 - 100% Playable (No noticable glitches)

    Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX - 100% Playable (Minor Sound Glitches at times, Opening Scene Plays Slow)

    Dynamite Cop - Fairly Playable (Minor gfx glitches, can't make initial save or freeze, sound glitches, graphic glitches at char select screen)

    Dead or Alive 2 Limited Edition - Fairly Playable (Slow Emulation)

    Evil Twin:Cyprian Chronicals - Not Playable (Echelon screen stays white and music plays, after that, a silence and nothing happens)

    Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves - Not Playable (Does not display Kalisto screen)

    Giant Gram: All Japan Pro Wrestling 2 [JAP] - 100% Playable (No noticable glitches)

    Guilty Gear X - Works Great (Minor sound glitches, a bit slow)

    Gundam 0079 - Not Playable

    Half Life Gold - Not Playable (Goes to Audio Screen)

    Hydro Thunder - Works Great (Reports Slow Emulation, Some GFX Glitches)

    Ikaruga - Works Great (Minor Graphical Glitches)

    Jet Grind Radio - Works Great (Reports Slow Emulation)

    Last Hope - Not Playable (non boot)

    Looney Tunes Space Race - Works Great (need fast system)

    Marvel VS. Capcom - Fairly Playable (Game Screen is out of alignment to emulator window / character selection screen glitchy / missing backgrounds)

    Marvel VS. Capcom 2 - 100% Playable (No noticeable glitches)

    Metropolis Street Racer - Fairly Playable (Reports Slow Emulation / Minor graphical glitches / sound distortion)

    Mortal Kombat Gold - 100% Playable (No noticeable glitches)

    Musapey's Choko Marker - Fairly Playable (extremely minor gfx glitches)

    NBA Hoopz - Works Great (Sound distortions)

    NBA on NBC Showtime - Fairly Playable (Team selection screen glitchy / sound skipping & distortion)

    NBA 2K2 - Not Playable (Blue Screen after intro video)

    NHL 2K2 - Not Playable (Freezes after Echelon screen)

    Omicron: The Nomad Soul - Fairly Playable (Game Screen is out of alignment to emulator window)

    Outtrigger - Not Playable

    Power Stone - Works Great (Almost perfect Gfx)

    Power Stone 2 - 100% Playable (You have to select 50 Hz mode as it starts up / do not test or select 60 Hz)

    Project Justice - Works Great (Starts Great / Minor Sound Issues)

    Puyo Puyo Fever [JAP] - 100% Playable (No noticeable glitches)

    Rival Schools: Project Justice - Works Great (Super fast / used to lag a bit with chankast, especially during the teamup attacks)

    Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2 - 100% Playable (No noticeable glitches)

    Resident Evil Code Veronica - 100% Playable (No noticeable glitches)

    Resident Evil 3 - Not Playable (Works fine through menus and intro movies, then nothing. Also it didn't recognize a vmu. Does nullDC support saving to a virtual vmu yet)

    San Francisco Rush 2049 - 100% Playable (No noticeable glitches)

    Shenmue - 100% Playable (Some very minor graphical glitches)

    Skies of Arcadia - 100% Playable (Very minor graphical issues)

    Sonic Adventure - Works Great (Menus won't display at all, but voice tells you what you're selecting)

    Sonic Adventure 2 - 100% Playable (Initital menu screen glitchy / in-game posters flicker / minor graphical glitches)

    Sonic Shuffle - Not Playable (Goes Black After Choosing game but BGM still plays)

    Soul Calibur - Works Great (Main Menu / Selection Screen / Health Bar / minor graphical glitches)

    Spiderman - 100% Playable (No noticeable glitches)

    Star wars Jedi Power Battles - 100% Playable (Char select screen is Very Screwed Up but Play is Pretty Solid and Minor Sound Issues) <Screenshot of Char Select>

    Street Fighter 3rd Strike - 100% Playable (Game Screen is out of alignment to emulator window - use in-game screen alignment option)

    Street Fighter III: Double Impact - Not Playable (Screen goes black after choosing a game, but sounds still trigger and inputs are still registered)

    Super Street Fighter 2X - 100% Playable (Minor sound glitches)

    Tech Romancer - 100% Playable (No noticeable glitches)

    Tennis 2K2 - Not Playable (Freezes after Echelon screen)

    Time Stalkers - Fairly Playable (No text shows up in dialog boxes and the video ran at an increased speed and left the sound lagging)

    Tokyo Street Racer 2 - 100% Playable (No noticeable glitches)

    Toy Commander - Works Great (Sound glitchy)

    Ultimate Fighting Championship - Not Playable (Freezes after character selection screen)

    Under Defeat - Works Great (Perfect Gfx?)

    Vampire Chronicles [JAP] - Works Great (Missing some SFX Works - Such as 'get ready, fight!')

    What's Shenmue (Demo) - Works Great (Perfect Gfx?)

    Worms World Party - Not Playable (Doesn't start at all)
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  2. hernan13

    hernan13 "Vaquero de Mar"

    En Isla Jambalayaaa!!
    programas p2p probastes?? eMule, ares, bittorrent etc??
  3. chaz

    chaz protosspowa

    estoy en el work no puedo instalar eso :D
    I would love to though :\
  4. Nightshade

    Nightshade Revolution is coming...

  5. ADPunk

    ADPunk The glider glides

    Chankast,Chankast plus, Ex, etc. son viejos,todos tratan de continuar el chankast pero nesecitamos códigos nuevos y frésquitos como este nullDC y el Demul.
    Es suficiente para mi.
  6. chaz

    chaz protosspowa

    EXCELENTE la pagina night, la verdad muy muy copada.
    Se agradece!

    ADpunk! justamente en este momento estoy bajando el skies ;)

    Me guardo todo en el pendrive y lo juego en casa :[]

    Gracias gente