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    The Duke Nukem 3D

    Cheat Codes List for DUKE NUKEM 3D VERSION 1.3D

    Useful Cheat Codes Code(s) Effect

    dncornholio = God mode, which makes you invulnerable and gives you or dnkroz an unlimited use jetpack.

    dnstuff = Gives you all the weapons, powerups, and access cards, plus full ammo.

    dnitems = Gives you all the powerups and access cards.

    dnscotty### Level Warp (the first # represents the episode, the following
    ## represents the level)

    dnview = view mode (same effect as F7 key)

    dnhyper = Gives you a dose of the Steroids power-up.

    dnrate = Diplays the frame rate in the upper left hand corner.

    dnskill# = Changes the skill level of the game.

    dnclip = Clipping (walk-thru-walls) mode. WARNING: Walking outside the confines of the level tends to kill you,
    whether you're in God mode or not.

    dnmonsters = Toggles the presence of monsters.

    dncoords = [New!] Shows your position coordinates.

    dnshowmap = [New!] Toggles the display of the entire map.

    dnweapons = [New!] Gives you all the weapons plus full ammo.

    dninventory = [New!] Gives you all the powerups.

    dnkeys = [New!] Gives you all the access cards.

    dndebug = [New!] Provides alot of debugging info, could be useful for hunting down problems.

    Not-so-useful Cheat Codes Code(s)

    dncashman = Duke tosses money around every time you hit the spacebar.

    dnallen = Gives you the message "Buy Major Sryker"

    dnbeta = Gives you the message "Pirates suck!"

    dntodd = [New!] Gives you the message "Register Cosmo Today!"; used

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