Raptor: Call of the Shadows (1994) 1.2 Registrada

DOS / Windows

  1. raptor-call-of-the-shadows-trainer.7z

    1. Comenzar a jugar y guardar la partida.
    2. Salir del juego.
    3. Descomprimir en el directorio del juego.
    4. Tipear CHEAT005 CHARXXXX.FIL donde "x" es el número del piloto guardado.
    5. Cargar el juego y la partida editada.
    6. Gastar el dinero extra en cañones de plasma y todo lo demás.

    CHEAT program for "Raptor" from Apogee
    By Lee Sluga ú HeliX Software
    Another cheat in my series, numbered from CHEAT001-CHEATxxx (whatever is
    1. Save any game position while playing.
    2. Exit the game.
    3. Put CHEAT005.EXE in the same directory with save files.
       (probably \RAPTOR if you used the default installation)
    4. Type CHEAT005 CHARXXXX.FIL where "x" is the number of the saved pilot.
    5. If you got everything right, try the saved game with its "upgrade."
    6. You'll have money to blow on plasma cannons and everything else!
    Enjoy, and pass it on!
    Write for a list of all I've written (include SASE), or to drop a note.
    This includes not only cheats but several other shareware programs.
    If you like this and use it, please send a donation to the below address - it
    will help keep me going...and, as incentive, if you send $5 or more, I'll send
    you a disk with a bunch of stuff I've written on it.  Thanks.
    Lee Sluga
    HeliX Software
      3056 Bunker Hill Rd.
       Randolph, NY 14772
    PS - You should be able to find any HeliX Software releases on Night Owl's
         BBS, (716) 483-3917, or possibly on a new CD-ROM (v.10 or later).  Look
         for them to be numbered: CHEAT001.ZIP, CHEAT002.ZIP, etc...
         Command "Z HELIX A" on Night Owl's to find HeliX Software releases in the
         conference you're in.  You may have to change conferences to find some.
         Also try Software Creations (the BBS Apogee has listed in its catalog)...
         I tend to upload there too.
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