The Lost Vikings (1993) Disquete


  1. the-lost-vikings-demo.7z

    Demo interactiva.


    Keyboard Controls -
    Left/Right Arrow Keys and 4/6 on Numerical Keypad -
        Moves the Viking Left or Right
    Up/Down Arrow Keys and 2 and 5/8 on Numerical Keypad -
        When a Viking is on a ladder or an elevator, pushing UP or DOWN
        will move the Viking in that direction.
    F, Space Bar, Enter, Number + and Number Enter -
        Performs a Viking's primary ability.
        Baleog the Fierce will swing his mighty sword.
        Erik the Swift will jump to great heights.
        Olaf the Stout will raise or lower his shield.
    D -
        Performs a Viking's secondary ability.
        Baleog the Fierce will shoot arrows with his bow.
        Erik the Swift will use his head to bash while running.
        Olaf the Stout will raise or lower his shield.
    E -
        Allows a Viking to use the highlighted item from his supply of items.
    S -
        Allows a Viking to activate buttons, flip switches, etc. and talk
        to other characters.
    Ctrl, 0, 7 and 9 on Numerical Keypad -
        Will enable the player to take control of one of the other two
    Esc, P and Alt-P -
        Pressing one of these keys during play will pause the game.  When
        the game is paused you will be given the option to GIVE UP?
        Choosing YES will restart you at the beginning of the same level.
        Choosing NO will resume the game. The GIVE UP option is particularly
        useful if one of you Vikings has died or are in a position so that
        you cannot complete the level.  You cannot complete the level if a
        Viking has died.
    Tab and Caps Lock -
        Allows you to choose the item to be used.  To choose an item, press
        one of these buttons and move the flashing box to the desired item.
        Pressing the button again will resume the game.  This can also be
        used to pause the game.
    Alt-X and Alt-Q -
        Will quit the game and put you back into DOS.
    Alt-S -
        Will turn the sound off, pressing the buttons again will turn the
        sound back on.
    Alt-M -
        Will turn the music off, pressing the buttons again will turn the
        music back on.
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