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    Hi rick

    thanks for your reply last week. This what you need for your mac connection:

    You can use two terminal applications on both ends. On the Mac
    you can use the Communications module of ClarisWorks or a traditional terminal program. Lum used Microphone LT. The shareware ZTerm worked
    but had problems transferring files over 5 MB in size. However
    Lum discovered that the HyperTerminal applications on Windows did not work without a modem. Instead
    he used a shareware application called COM 6.9. His settings:

    Baud Rate: 38400 (higher rates produced errors)
    a serial setting
    Zmodem file transfer protocol
    Set one computer to send
    the other to receive
    There is no hardware handshaking
    since there are no modems involved. Make sure to set both to recognize their respective serial/printer ports. Lum has transferred several hundred files between the Mac and PC over his camera cable.

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